3 Reasons I DITCHED the Cash Envelope System

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Let me just say, I love the idea of the cash envelope system.  I REALLY wanted it to work for us.  I downloaded beautiful templates and bought envelopes just to use this system.  All the blog photos of colorful envelopes sitting on clean counters with a vase of fresh flowers were magical.  The dozens of…

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toddler lessons God

Five Things My Toddler Taught Me about God

Follow my blog with Bloglovin God doesn’t get mad when you mess up. I grew up thinking that God was very judgmental. You had to be on your best behavior at all times and you had to follow all the ‘rules’ or He’d be mad at you.  But watching my daughter sitting in her highchair, sobbing because she’d smeared spaghetti…

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Misadventures in TV Land

I loved my old TV.  It was so comfortable to use the remote without looking at it because I had memorized all the buttons.  I barely noticed that the screen was fuzzier than everyone else’s newer, better TV’s.  I didn’t mind in the least that I was becoming more and more out of touch with TV technology.  I was technologically…

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