Halloween Teen! What to do for Fun when You Outgrow Trick or Treating

Being a young teen is tough.  My own daughter is thirteen.  She is outgrowing time-honored traditions, like trick or treating.  Really it’s tough on all of us.  I used to take the day off from work just so I could spend Halloween with her.  We went to all our friend’s houses and neighborhoods trick or treating, go to a trunk or treat, play games at a carnival – what every kid wants to do on Halloween.

This year she started to realize that maybe she’s getting too old for trick or treating and truck or treat.  But she still loves to dress up in costume.  So, what does she do instead?

Here are some ideas to help your young teen go from Trick or Treater to Halloween Teen!

Haunted Houses!

You might be too old to go scare people in your costumes on Halloween night, but you’re never too old to BE scared on Halloween night.  I am not a huge fan of the scary side of Halloween but I know plenty of other people are.  So, gather up your teen and their friends and take them to a haunted house.  You can join in the fun or sit it out with some coffee at the concession stand, listening to your kids getting the bejeezus scared out of them!

Halloween Party!

This is an ideal choice.  This year, our church is sponsoring a Halloween party for the kids so my daughter is happy to go to that and hang out with her friends.  If you don’t know of a party going on – host one!  Throwing your own party is work but it gives your teen and their friends a place to hang out and enjoy Halloween while staying safe.  Encourage kids to come in costume, buy some snacks, grab some Halloween themed movies.  (Here’s a post on age appropriate Halloween Movies. )  Put up some Halloween decorations and you set!

Hand out Candy!

If you’re more low key and a party is too much to handle on your busy schedule.  (Especially at last minute.)  Your teens can just have a couple of friends over and hand out candy or other non-candy goodies to the trick or treaters that come to your door.  It’s a nice ‘changing of the guards’ for them to go from the ones getting candy be being the ones handing out the candy.  It can also help them feel more grown up, which is always important when you are a young teen.


Volunteering can be a wonderful way to help others and still have fun.  Every year, churches and other organizations put on carnivals and trunk-or-treats to give kids a safe place to come celebrate Halloween.  The one thing they are always short on is manpower.  They are usually grateful for all the help they can get.  An energetic Halloween loving teen is a great fit for running carnival games or handing out candy or just helping out in general.  Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people and serve others.

Take Away

Even though your child is growing up, there’s no reason they can’t still have tons of fun at Halloween.  They hand out candy, hit up a haunted house, throw a Halloween party, or volunteer.  Or, any combination of these!  So don’t let them be down because they are too old to trick or treat – be excited that they are finally old enough to do something besides just trick or treat!