Halloween Candy Alternatives – All Treats – No Sweets! List of 10 Fun, Affordable Alternatives to Candy

TRICK OR TREATWhat is the best part of Halloween?  The CANDY of course!!  Well, getting dressed up in costume is fun too.  Here are this year’s most popular Halloween costumes for kids.  But there was just something about the thrill of trick or treating and getting the good candy.

That was like winning the lottery!






Kids love getting candy at Halloween, there is no way around that.  Don’t even try.  And, some no sweet treats just fall short of the ‘treat’ mark.  No kid wants a toothbrush instead of a Milky Way on Halloween.  Ever.  You might as well give them a rock.

Too Much of a Good Thing

But there is something to be said for not giving kids too much sugary snacks.  It really isn’t good for them.  But what can you do?  Non Candy Treats tend to be either hugely expensive or ridiculously chintzy.

Don’t worry, I gotcha.  I already did some research on Amazon and came up with some great alternatives and/or additions to candy.  I also broke down the prices so you know how much you’re paying per piece.

The prices range from a penny to 35 cents per piece.  These are also all listed with Amazon Prime so expedited shipping is free!  (If you haven’t tried Amazon Prime yet, you REALLY should – it’s fantastic!  I’ve used it for 2 years with ZERO regrets.  It more than pays for itself with the free shipping alone!  Here is a link to get a free 30-day trial.  Go try it out!)
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All Treats – No Sweets!!

Still, there ARE some really fun, cheap, non-candy goodies to hand out this Halloween that will still be considered treats instead of tricks.  

  1. Glider Airplanes – 48 Halloween Themed Glider planes for $11.80 ($0.25 a piece) – my personal favorite.
  2. Stickers – 500 non-scary stickers for $6.89 ($0.01 a piece!) – at a penny a piece you don’t have to be stingy.
  3. Glow Stick Bracelets – 100 8 inch glowstick bracelets for $8.24  ($0.08 a piece) – great to help kids be seen at night.
  4. Temporary Tattoos – 144 (24 designs) Assorted non-scary temp tattoos for $7.99 ($0.06 a piece)
  5. Bouncy Balls – 144 Assorted colors, glitter bouncy balls for 12.87 ($0.09 a piece)
  6. Bubbles – 24 .6 oz bottles for $7.03  ($0.29 a piece) – no one could be unhappy to get bubbles as a treat!
  7. Stamps – 24 stamps for $6.99 ($0.29 a piece)
  8. Vampire Teeth – 144 fake fangs for $12.99 ($0.09 a piece)
  9. Finger Lights – 80 LED finger lights for $12.59  ($0.16 a piece) – These were a HUGE hit last year
  10. Play-Doh – 80 fun-sized cans for $27.70  ($0.35 a piece) – Who doesn’t like getting Play-Doh?

I’m still a traditionalist.  Candy will always be King in this house on Halloween.  But, these no sweet treats are a great way to mix up your Trick-or-Treat game this Halloween!

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