Mom. Everything You Need to Know to Do Everything You Need to Do.

money management, save money, simplify, be happyIt’s a LOT to juggle.  Somewhere between trying to keep our finances from spiraling out of control and trying to keep our families from falling apart, we are coming unglued.

We look at the people around us and wonder, “Are they living the same chaos I am?  Are they just as overwhelmed and scared as me?”  The answer is yes, probably so.  But you’d never know it from their Facebook status.

We are all on a never ending carousel of debt and crisis and keeping up appearances.  Chasing the person in front of us who seems to know exactly where they are going.  But the truth is, they are trapped, just like you

Live, laugh and conquer you life.

How do you get out of the trap?  It can’t be working harder.  You’re already working yourself into the ground.  It can’t buying more things.  You are already drowning in your belongings as it is.  It can’t be spending more time on your appearance.  You are already beautiful, even though society has convinced you that you’re not.

It’s time to put the breaks on the materialism and constant comparison of ourselves to others.  It’s time to remember what really matters to us and spend our energy there cultivating the things we love.

Don’t get the wrong idea.  This is not a website of extraneous philosophy and unobtainable ideals.  This is a site devoted to being down to earth.  What I write about are things I know to be true.  Everyday ideas that have either helped me live, helped me laugh or helped me conquer in my circumstances.


Start here.  Start now.

This blog is dedicated to living the magic of our every day lives.  How to live our lives, conquering our battles and laugh at our mistakes.  And, it is by living, conquering and laughing that we learn the secrets of a life fully lived.