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Caught in a Power Struggle with You Child? Here’s Some Advice From a Former Fence Tester

Every feel like that your kid is pictured on the left?  Stubborn as a mule?  Constantly testing you? You, my poor friend, have a fence tester. What’s a fence tester?  A fence tester is, in livestock terms, a cow, sheep, goat, mule, etc that is constantly looking for weaknesses in it’s boundaries.  It is forever testing the strength of the…

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When your Teen Betrays your Trust

What to do when Your Teen Betrays Your Trust

Your Teen Betrays your trust.  That’s a big one. I think you will agree that, as a parent, there aren’t too many things worse than finding out your teen lied to you.  Finding out they are keeping a horrible secret from you.  This is a nightmare we hope we never have to face.  But odds are that eventually it will…

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