adhd calming activites

ADHD Calming Activities for You and Your Child

  Raising an ADHD child is an experience that no one can really understand except the parent of another ADHD child.  By the end of the day, moms, dads, and kids are all exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally.  As my daughter has gotten older, it is slowly getting better.  But, I remember days when I just wanted to cry.  During…

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show children affection

Fun Ways to Show Your Children Affection

(This post contains affiliate links.  That means that some links will take you to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing one items mentioned.  It doesn’t cost you a penny more but I get a tiny commission to help support my site.  Thanks!) You really can NOT tell a child ‘I love you’ too much.  Really, you can’t.  This is…

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toddler lessons God

Five Things My Toddler Taught Me about God

Follow my blog with Bloglovin God doesn’t get mad when you mess up. I grew up thinking that God was very judgmental. You had to be on your best behavior at all times and you had to follow all the ‘rules’ or He’d be mad at you.  But watching my daughter sitting in her highchair, sobbing because she’d smeared spaghetti…

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