Halloween Candy Overload! What to do with all that Candy

In a previous post, I mentioned some great alternatives to Halloween candy for trick or treaters.  But, let’s face it:  Halloween = Candy.  When your kids come home and sort out their Halloween loot it can look like a candy store exploded!  Even once the non-candy loot and the ‘gross candy’ duds have been weeded out, you can still be…

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Pacifier truths and myths

Are you torn about giving your child a pacifier?  I know I sure was when my daughter was born.  On one hand, it helped her to go to sleep at night.  It didn’t seem to be hurting anything.  And it was like a lifeline for me on days when I was in tears myself. But, on the other hand, I had…

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adhd calming activites

ADHD Calming Activities for You and Your Child

  Raising an ADHD child is an experience that no one can really understand except the parent of another ADHD child.  By the end of the day, moms, dads, and kids are all exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally.  As my daughter has gotten older, it is slowly getting better.  But, I remember days when I just wanted to cry.  During…

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kids watch scary movies

Should You let your Kids Watch Scary Movies?

With this being October, we’ve been talking about Halloween!  We’ve talked about the most popular costumes for the year, and fun non-candy treats.  Now we’re talking about Halloween movies!  After all, ’tis the season for tricks and treats and all things cookey and spooky! I consider myself blessed that my daughter shares my dislike for the scarier side of Halloween.  I…

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Halloween Candy Alternatives – All Treats – No Sweets! List of 10 Fun, Affordable Alternatives to Candy

What is the best part of Halloween?  The CANDY of course!!  Well, getting dressed up in costume is fun too.  Here are this year’s most popular Halloween costumes for kids.  But there was just something about the thrill of trick or treating and getting the good candy. That was like winning the lottery!           Kids love…

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trim baby nails

Tips on Trimming Baby Fingernails

Trimming your baby’s fingernails – what a terrifying prospect.  It was such a frightening thing in my house that no one would do it when our daughter came home from the hospital.  Weeks passed.  Then, finally, my daughter’s nails grew so long, she was starting to scratch herself and I was forced into action.  This is how I learned to…

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